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Media Release

Sole Exhibition of Paintings from DAMIEN DEMATRA

"Be the Lucky 15 and Support the LUPUS Foundation"

June 16, 2010

           (06/16/10) "Little Obama" Paintings Exhibition is part of the programs "Celebrating Obama's Homecoming" initiated by Damien Dematra and the showing is still carried on despite the postponement of Obama's visit to Indonesia.
Damien Dematra started to paint in 1998 under the guidance of late Mustika, a senior painter, and he continued his work by doing extensive autodidactic experiment using a range of technics and media.
           In 2005-2006, Damien was entering a state of "wild exploration in the painting's world" and he managed to produce 365 paintings in mixed styles and do more than 1000 sketches in one year. This "crazy phase" ended after Damien found a new passion for writing and film making.
In the first quarter of 2010, his heart churned when he faced rejections from several painters to take part in the program "Celebrating Obama's Homecoming". He, then, decided to jump in and paint again after considering the benefit for Lupus Foundation as well as to welcome Obama's visit.
Damien Dematra's rebellion and ache for freedom in creativeness has made him produces several styles in this exhibition: 10 expressionist paintings, 10 pop art paintings, and 10 minimalist paintings (white on white). Realistic factor is intentionally avoided for dynamic purpose in his artworks. Moreover, the real realism from Little Obama would be brought out through cinematography in Little Obama movie.
Hopefully, these paintings would not only serve for a contemplation of self searching, a self actualization in search of a new challenge, or as a part of celebration of the 'Menteng Kid', but especially for the benefit of humanity, especially for our fellow brothers and sisters living with Lupus disease.
Be the Lucky 15 is a program where 14 paintings with title "Little Obama" will be auctioned to the highest bidder. The money raised would be donated completely to Lupus Foundation. One of the paintings has been presented to the DCM of US Embassy in Indonesia and will be delivered to the president of the United States, Barack Obama.
          The exhibition starts in State Elementary School 01 Menteng (SDN Menteng 01) on 16 June 2010. It is opened by Ted Osius (DCM United States of America) and attended by Hasan Faruq Ali (main cast of Little Obama playing as Little Barry), Slamet Senior dan Slamet Junior (supporting roles in Little Obama), Obama's classmates in State Elementary School 01 Menteng, Mrs. Hj. Hasimah, Mpd (current Headmistress of State Elementary School 01 Menteng), Obama's aunt and family in Indonesia, Tiara Savitri (Chairwoman of Lupus Foundation), and Damien Dematra (painter, creator, screenwriter, and director of Little Obama the movie).
          The exhibition will continue on display in the Gallery Cipta II, in The Jakarta Arts Centre, Taman Ismail Marzuki from 18-20 June 2010 and in the Ballroom of Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta from 17-30 July 2010.

The pictures below could be used for press purposes.
For further information, please contact Damien Dematra:



Ted Osius draws few first lines as part of the ceremony


Sole Exhibition of Paintings from DAMIEN DEMATRA
"Be the Lucky 15 and Support the LUPUS Foundation"

SDN Menteng 01

Jakarta, June 16, 2010

(clik on the photos for bigger size)

Damien Dematra, Tiara Savitri, Headmistress of SDN 01 Menteng, and the students in the paintings exhibitions of Little Obama

Students of SDN 01 Menteng watch the paintings enthusiastically -1

Damien Dematra

Damien Dematra presents  a painting to the DCM of US Embassy in Indonesia to  be delivered to the President of the United States, Barack Obama

Damien Dematra, Slamet, Ted Osius, and Tiara Savitri

Students of SDN 01 Menteng watch the paintings enthusiastically - 2

Students of SDN 01 Menteng watch the paintings enthusiastically -3

Hasan Faruq Ali, main cast of Little Obama, and Damien Dematra

Damien Dematra, Teuku Zacky (casting as Turdy in Little Obama) and Hasan


Damien Dematra finished the painting started by Ted Osius