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Media Release

Sole Exhibition of Paintings from DAMIEN DEMATRA

"Be the Lucky 15 and Support the LUPUS Foundation"

June 18, 2010

For art and humanity, The Jakarta Arts Centre works together with Lupus Foundation and Damien Dematra to display Damien's paintings from 18 to 20 June 2010, whereas 14 of the paintings would be auctioned to help people living with Lupus disease next month. The exhibition is opened by Raam Punjabi (President Director of Multivision Plus), and is attended by Des Alwi, Teuku Zacky (casting as Turdy in Little Obama the movie), Hasan Faruq Ali (casting as Barry in Little Obama the movie), the phenomenal actress Dorce Gamalama, Obama's family in Indonesia, Tiara Savitri (chairlady of Lupus Foundation), Damien Dematra, and fellow friends from various countries.
There are 12 additional paintings by Damien Dematra (on several styles, including 3 paintings about World Cup) displayed besides his 10 expressionist paintings, 10 pop art paintings, and 10 minimalist paintings (white on white) that have been exhibited in SDN 01 Menteng on 16 June 2010.
The exhibition would be held further in the Ballroom of Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta from 17-30 July 2010, and on that venue, 14 of Little Obama's paintings would be auctioned.

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Pameran Tunggal Lukisan karya DAMIEN DEMATRA
"OBAMA Anak Menteng"
"Be the Lucky 15 & Support the LUPUS Foundation"

Galeri Cipta 2 TIM

Jakarta, June 18, 2010

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