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Press Release

Launching OBAMA from ASISI
Written by Damien Dematra

10 June 2010

(06/10/10) At first, launching Obama from Asisi is one from the program of "Celebrating Obama's Homecoming" initiated by Damien Dematra. The program continues despite of the postponement of President Obama's visit to Indonesia.

Obama from Asisi Novel, written by Damien Dematra is inspired by stories from Barack 'Barry' Obama's childhood friends, teachers, and neighbors while he was still living in Indonesia from 1967 until mid 1970.

Born from a Caucasion mother and had a Javanese step-father while living in Indonesia had made Barry understood the meaning of being different. When he moved from Hawaii to Indonesia, he always became the public eye, both in school and neighborhood. In Asisi Elementery School, a Catholic School, he managed to become an outstanding student. He and his friends had gone through various amusing, exciting, yet sweet-sour childly experience, and he shared some bitterness that sometimes made him feel that he was 'a cheerful boy at a wrong place'. However, encouragement from his parents and teachers from Asisi Elementery School made him able to overcome his obstacle.

Obama from Asisi Novel is planned to be filmed and it would become the prequel of Little Obama. The release of the movie is expected to welcome president Obama on November 2010.

The lauching of Obama from Asisi Novel is jazzed up by Hasan Faruq Ali (main cast of Little Obama playing as Little Barry), Cara Lachelle, English borned, (supporting role of Little Obama the movie, playing as Ann Dunham), Mrs. Yustina (current Headmistress of Asisi Elementary School), Obama's teachers and classmates in Asisi Elementary School, Obama's neighboors and friends in Indonesia, and the Obama's family in Indonesia. The ceremony also attended and gingered up by angklung musical and dancers presented by the Asisi Elementary School students.

Photos in this webpage can be used for press purposes.



Damien Dematra signs Obama from Asisi novel

Photos of Launch of
"OBAMA from Asisi"

SD ASISI, Menteng Dalam

Jakarta, 10 June 2010


(click on each picture for bigger size)

Damien Dematra and Hasan Faruq Ali

Hasan Faruq Ali

Damien Dematra

Ms. Indri, Hasan, Obama's friends, classmates, former teachers, and family in Indonesia, Mrs. Yustina, and Damien Dematra

Moderator, Mrs. Yustina (headmistress of SD Asisi, Hasan, Damien Dematra, and Obama's Elementary Teachers (Mrs. Israella, Mrs. Sugini, and Mrs. Fermina)

Damien Dematra, Hasan Faruq Ali, and the journalists

Damien and Hasan being interviewed

Mrs. Yustina and Damien Dematra

Ms. Indri (from Gramedia Pustaka Utama, the publisher) and Damien Dematra

Obama's friends, classmates, former teachers, family in Indonesia, Hasan, and Damien Dematra