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Novel Launch of 'OBAMA and ME' by Damien Dematra
in State Elementary School Menteng 01

(Jakarta, Indonesia) OBAMA and ME a novel by Damien Dematra is launched on Friday, 8th October 2010 in State Elementary School Menteng 01 and attended by Damien Dematra (writer), Turdi alias Evi, Dorce Gamalama, Mrs. Hasimah (Headmistress of State Elementary School Menteng 01), dan Mr. William Tuchrello (US Embassy).

All media have been looking for her. The missing Turdi, the nanny and the chef of Barack 'Barry' Obama's family while they were still living in Menteng Dalam, Jakarta, Indonesia. All these times, Turdi has been a controversial and mysterious figure because she is the living witness of Little Barry and his family's daily activities. Only after the release of the movie "Little Obama" on big screen, she was finally founded in a corner street of Jakarta, in the place where no one could ever think of. No wonder she was never founded.
Turdi has gone through bitterness of life from becoming a prostitute until she finally accept the fact that she must live her life as a woman in a male body.

Obama and Me is written based on the trace footprints of Turdi and blended with fiction, with the facts proportion is around 70% based on her story.

Obama and Me raised a social fact that anybody could encounter with anyone in their track of life as well as stressing that people never choose what they will become, instead, they could only choose how they are going to live their lives and do it as good as possible…if the noble choices are still available for them.

This novel launch is part of "Celebrating Obama's Homecoming" that is planned on early November. The movie "Little Obama" is going to be released on American Film Market, an international film event, in Los Angeles, on the coming 3-10 November. The screening of this movie in on the 5th November 2010 and it is expected to be released throughout US and other countries.

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