Little Obama
The Movie
There Will be No Scene of Obama Salat

(27/05/10) After doing extensive conversation and receiving several thoughtful considerations, with deliberation it has been decided that the scene about little Obama doing salat will not be filmed in Little Obama the movie. It has been considered to be politicized by some parties, especially overseas, that it shifts the main theme and the essence of this movie, which is a family movie that emphasize hope and pluralism, as said by Damien Dematra, the Executive Producer, Director, and Writer of Obama the Menteng Kid.

Until now, 27th May 2010, the filming of Little Obama the movie, produced by Multivision Plus, has finished 75%. The production of this movie is estimated to finish on-schedule, at 3rd June 2010, and the production team is now working to present the movie on the cinema earlier than its schedule, from the 17th June 2010 to 15th June 2010, and hope that the movie will be in cinemas during President Barack Obama visit in Indonesia.

This movie is part of the Celebration of Obama's Homecoming, and supported by his childhood friends, former teachers, classmates, and family in Indonesia.

Teaser of the movie can be seen at: on film section.

Pictures and video footage in this site can be used for press purposes by stating courtesy of Damien Dematra.

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