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The Fastest Photographer
Obama Always in My Mind

(Semarang, 6/12) As if not satisfied with the accomplishments he achieved so far, the versatile artist Damien Dematra made the effort to break a new record again by becoming the world's fastest and photographers. The attempt was held at the Museum of World Records office in Semarang with theme "Always in Obama My Mind ". The world record itself, from the photo shoot until printing took 1 minute 31 seconds and performed in the presence of the jury of World Records Museum.

As a photographer, Damien has traveled the world and became the youngest photographer to obtain the Fellowship of the Master Photographers Association, the highest degree in photography, as well as the only photographer in the world who got two degrees of Master Photographer Association's Fellowship is in the field of Art and Photography Portraiture.
In 1997, Damien won the International Master Photographer of the Year, in England. The trophy was received by the Ambassador of Indonesia in the UK together with him. In the same year, he received the gold medal of the British Institute of Photography.
In 2000, Damien became a photographer Grand Award Winner, the world's best photographers in the United States. In 2002, two years later, he was elected as one of the 50 best photographers ever in the history of Master Photographer Association, and on that year, he has received more than 50 international awards in the field of photography since 1997.

Making this record was a comeback into the world of photography after being occupied with writing novels, making movies, painting, and doing his other activities.