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“Little Obama” the Movie to be Released June 2010

Jakarta, 11 May 2010


This sentence seems to be Barack Obama’s faith and spirit since his childhood. Since Obama was a Menteng Boy.

What spirit will we see in the sentence “Yes We Can”? We could see it in the newest MVP Pictures movie, “Little Obama”. This movie is also expected to become an inspiration for children to keep the dreams. Just like Obama’s dreams while he was still a kid and staying with his parents in Menteng neighborhood, Central Jakarta.

“Little Obama” movie is produced based on the novel by Damien Dematra. MVP Pictures sees the story in the novel is interesting for it delineates the childhood of Obama. There were many perspectives about Obama’s childhood while he was staying with Lolo Soetoro and Ann Dunham in Menteng. There were also his friends—Slamet, Yuniardi, Rebecca, Sonny, and they have their sides of stories from their point of views. There are human sides, closeness, emotional sides, and opinions that lay out inspirationally.

Obama tells his story in many media and books, but if you want to know the stories from people who once closed with him, you might find some of the answers in the “Little Obama” movie.

MVO Pictures works together with Damien Dematra as the novel writer as well as the screenwriter to materialize the sources’ ideas and perspectives about Obama’s childhood in Menteng. Damien will also direct this movie, along with John DeRantau who is chosen by MVP Pictures to direct the movie together with Damien for his ideas about the visualization of Little Obama is considered excellent. MVP Pictures sees that these two positive sides will deliver an inspiring movie as well as filmic.

The preparation stage is done, actors keep on honing their characters, and the production team, who are picked from the best from their fields, is expected to produce a splendid film. “Little Obama” movie will start its production on the13th May 2010 and expected to be released on cinemas on the third week of June 2010.

Hopefully, “Little Obama” could meet the Indonesian film watchers’ expectation about an entertaining yet inspirational movie.

Damien Dematra is looking for international publishers to publish his novel about Obama’s childhood in English and other languages.

He’s also looking for international distributor for this movie.

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"LITTLE OBAMA" the Movie

 Jakarta, 11 Mei 2010


Damien Dematra dan Pemeran Film Obama Anak Menteng

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